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Geographical location

DanyangMingyang Organic Plastics CO., LTD is located in the scenic South of town¡ª¡ªDanyang, Jiangsu Province, China, which is the famous for auto parts. The transportation is convenient, and the Yangtze River is in the east, Shanghai-Beijing' and Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed train cross the town. Dagang, Zhenjiang international container terminal is in the north. In the south, Changzhou airport closes to the factory, the Grand Canal runs through the town.

Company profile

 The company has 48000m2 plant areas, 39000m2 building area and 38000m2 production area. The company's capacity is 18 million Yuan.The company has large injection molding equipments (20000g, 12000g, 8000g, 4000g and 2000g), large blow molding equipments (Ø120, Ø100, Ø90 type screw machine each has 2 sets, Ø65, Ø60 type each has 6 sets)£¬Three-coordinates measuring instrument, melt flow rate measurement, impact testing machine of cantilever beam, electronic universal testing machine etc.

Main products

Our company is a large and professional company, which is specialized, in manufacturing auto inside and outside decoration, intake systems and exhaust system£¬casting series and so on. We are theSinotruk, Shanxi truck, Mann Hummel filter trading company, Behr thermal systems Ltd, JAC, Chery Automobile and Xugong Construction machinery'ssupplier. Product categories are more than 200 varieties and production capacity of the every product is over the 20 million suites.

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